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Our science-backed approach to fitness incorporates a balance of training disciplines for a safe and progressive personal training program perfect for clients of all ages and fitness levels. 

Slow & Controlled Movements

Precise Intensity & Tracking

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One-on-One Training Programs

Our Strength Training, Osteoporosis Therapy, and Boxing Programs offer a One-to-One ratio between Client and Instructor. Only one Instructor and one client are in the Training Rooms at a time. Low-impact Aerobics and Yoga Sessions are delivered in very small groups.

Strong Again Long Island specializes in training for beginners, older clients, and those recovering from an accident, illness, or surgery. 

Clean & Private Fitness Studio Near You

All ages, above 12, are welcome, but it was designed for clients aged 40-90+. It is extremely private and professional, both, we provide a clinical atmosphere with no music (unless requested), no mirrors and most machines face the wall for privacy. Privacy and focus are very important components of our Training System.

One-on-One Personalized Training programs in a clean and private facility.  Only one client is allowed in the studio at a time, and the equipment is cleaned in between sessions. Air purification systems, masks, and hand sanitizers help keep the studio clean.


Our Trainers

Our mission is to help clients gain strength, independence, and prevent injuries (inside and outside) of our facility. Our goal is to make our clients “Strong Again” so they can continue to participate in their current activities, resurrect activities from their past, and provide them with the ability to explore new activities, for decades to come.

A large number of our clients have had a prosthetic, or surgery of some kind. Some are trying to prevent Orthopedic surgery. Our concept for everyone is to “Get Strong, BEFORE you get in shape”. Muscles need to be developed BEFORE any aerobic or recreational activities. Muscles protect the joints, by absorbing the load (stress) that would otherwise be inflicted upon them. Improved musculoskeletal strength greatly improves one’s balance, as well. However, we are not a “No pain, no gain” facility. It’s a place where Middle Aged to Seniors can have their sessions with us, on their own terms. In addition to those clients who want to improve their health, we use non-surgical means to improve musculoskeletal trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, and degenerative disease that some may need to address.

Personal Training In Woodbury New York

Strength Training & Weight loss

Our Strength Program uses a very slow motion, with Medical Grade Machines. However, we do guarantee fast results. It’s safe, efficient and VERY EFFECTIVE. In fact, after 3 sessions, a client will experience significant gains. New muscle fibers will be visible, after 3 sessions.

Our workouts are about 20-30 minutes, 2x per week (at most). We require 3 days of rest, between workouts. You can workout in whatever you are wearing. Our clients rarely sweat. Our facility is climate controlled to between 65-68 degrees. This way you can return to whatever you were doing and you don’t have to change clothes…even in business attire.

Osteo Strength Training

Our BioDensity machine addresses Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. We deliver “Bone Compaction” exercises, via this machine ( Prevention, reduction, and even the reversal of Bone Loss is achievable through this Program. In addition to publications demonstrating the effectiveness of the BioDensity Machine, our facility has many success stories.

Boxing Training in Woodbury NY

Aerobics & Boxing Training

Our Low-Impact Aerobics Program will increase a client’s respiratory capabilities, endurance, and metabolism. There is no jumping. A common theme shared between all of our Programs is to protect joints and connective tissue.

The Boxing Program has done very well with Seniors to fight the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s Disease. Boxing is a proven and fantastic way to help maintain flexibility, strength, aerobic conditioning, bone density, and hand-eye coordination ( It has also helped Teenagers on the Autistic Spectrum, at our facility ( In both demographics, our clients have improved their focus, coordination, confidence, and even the ability to defend themselves.


Last but not least is our Yoga Program. We have many different types. The common goal of all Yoga Programs is to increase range of motion, balance, and strength. The Yoga classes are provided within a safe and tranquil environment. We even have a Chair Yoga Class, an Osteo Class, and a gentle Relax and Restore Yoga Class. We offer private yoga lessons, as well.

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